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We believe that the most important thing needed to make a great film is a great Script. The Cap-Off team consists of Directors, Actors, professional scriptwriters, producers, professors and many more to provide a platform for writers to further enhance their career within the industry by creating great networking. The winning screenplay also gets one-on-one mentorship by the Cap-Off team to further polish their scripts. Winners will also be invited to attend multiple film festivals around the world to network with industry professionals and network with diverse and experienced filmmakers.


Cap-Off understands the difficulty of having a great script get exposure in the industry with managers and production companies. With that in mind, we have great intentions to open doors for not just the Winners but also everyone who submits into our screenplay competition. Cap-Off will reward the winners in each category with $1000, trophies, certificate, memberships, script polishing, gift cards and many more.


The nominated will be invited to Canada Water Theatre on April 13th to attend our first event. Tickets will be free for the invited but others will have to pay a small fee for entrance. The Cap-Off event will have include an Awards ceremony, Read Outs, Q and A, Script advice by Professionals, after party and networking opportunity.  The whole event will be recorded, allowing the script writers to add to their portfolio and use when pitching. The event will have producers, managers, production companies, actors and actresses attending. With our after-party and networking opportunity, it gives the chance to make your script turn from paper to film. Cap-Off will support you in every step of the way to make your screenwriting polished to its best version before pitching it off to the world.


For our first year, Cap-Off will choose one winner to have their script funded to be made into a film. Our judges will collectively go through an intense examination to pick the best. This will be announced at the event.


The ‘Script with Feedback’ Category can only be purchased alongside another category. We aim to have your highly critiqued feedback by our judges within 3 weeks. Screenwriting feedback will allow from new writers to professional writers in depth knowledge of what they can change/adapt and polish. All feedback is from a professional from the industry. This is useful for everyone.


We wish everyone luck in submissions and we look forward to seeing everyone at our event in London!


Welcome to the Cap-Off Screenplay Competition! Cap-Off is a Screenplay Competition designed to support writers in every step of the way to make it from paper to screen.